Bhutan, is a tiny kingdom nesting in the Himalayas between two giant powerful countries of China (Tibet) in the North, Indian in the South West , Bangladesh and Nepal is close distance to East. Being as a small country it remains as a extra special country where visitors are impressed with its peace and clean environment, fiercely guarding habits of its ancient traditions , old glorious culture & arts which are shining in this modern civilization ignoring western culture in 21st Century. The Bhutanese named this country as a “Druk Yul” which means land of Thunder Dragon. The unique things about Bhutan are, it is a only country where GDP of country are measure on the basis of Gross National Happiness of the people .
Bhutan is only one country which is still ruled by King in the Himalaya kingdom .Apart from that it is beautiful due to its various landscape including different climatic conditions from warm sub tropic, cooler alpine temperature to high acetic Zone of ice and snow in the Eastern Himalayan Mountains. In addition it ,the Historical Dzongs, Stupas,Monasteries ,Water fall, freely flowing clean rivers glorify the entire regions of Bhutan .
Bhutan is opened for all the visitors in groups or individual since 1970 where one can travel inside the Bhutan except its restricted areas and border territory. The enormous interested can travel for a week or more with cultural tour ,historical tour ,holiday tour, scenic tour, Married & Honymoon tour and trekking around green rolling hills surrounded by beautiful mountains.